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Epic Adventures Are Everywhere

The best part about practicing outdoor sports is having the chance to see the world from a new perspective, with new eyes.


Traveling to a nearby town or to the other end of the planet can be equally rewarding, challenging and memorable. You decide what makes an adventure. 


The largest country in the Americas is a top destination for nature lovers. While most people tend to go to Alberta or British Columbia for hiking adventures, we started in southern Ontario with the Bruce Trail. Georgian Bay was a stunning sight we weren’t expecting.

Image by Jeremy Lwanga

Aimeé’s home country is mostly known for its tropical beaches and colonial towns. We also know that people worry about insecurity, but so do we. When we decided to start our Mexican adventures, we decided to play it safe. This is what we’ve discovered so far.

Image by John Weinhardt

A bucket-list and too-good-to-be-true frontier, Patagonia is synonymous with adventure. Torres del Paine (Chile) and El Calafate (Argentina) are gateways to sights most of us would never see otherwise. Visiting in autumn made the experience unforgettable.


Dexter’s home country is a delightful mixture of countryside, hills, history and proper pubs. Having lived somewhere between London and Scotland, the sceneries he’s seen thanks to fell races, ultramarathons and hikes are almost Tolkienesque.

Please don’t take shortcuts.


Having the right skill set, equipment and knowledge before venturing out is essential. Help us spread the word about the importance of being a smart and informed adventurer.

Man hiking on a mountainside

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

You never know what lies ahead on the trail.


Do you know how to arrange your backpack?

Have you learned how to read a topographic map?

Are you unsure about your fitness level?

Do you know which outdoors clothing you need?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not take a step back? 

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