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The first step is learning how to stay safe outdoors. We strongly suggest that you take a course with skilled instructors. They can teach you everything from what to wear to how to react in survival situations.


These are the courses that we’ve taken and recommend.


Asociación de Montañismo UNAM


Since we’re based in Mexico City we took a basic mountaineering course at the Mountaineering Association of UNAM (Aimeé's  university).


It’s open to everyone over 18, no background is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. We think that you should speak at least intermediate (B1) Spanish because all the content is taught in Spanish.

The course consists of five modules: orienteering, rock climbing, canyoneering, speleology and mountain climbing taught over the space of approximately five months.

Books can complement any course you take.


Do you want to expand your existing outdoor knowledge?

Are you looking for a good reference guide?

Are you curious to read about the journeys of accomplished athletes?

Dive into the world of outdoor and wellness literature with these books that we’ve read and recommend.


What's Next?

You took the course. You refreshed your memory with some good reference guides. You found inspiration in the biographies of accomplished athletes, and in Bekenyn, of course! 

The next step is finding the right equipment at the right budget. In the meantime, learn what food works and how to prepare your body for the trail. 

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Our Journey

All we can do is speak from experience. 

Why do we insist on knowing before heading out?

What did we think of the courses?

Do you want to recommend other books?

Go to our blog to read about the lessons we've learned. Discuss your own learning curve. Let's swap tips, advice and favorite hacks. 

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