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Breakfast at the Campsite


Man Drinking Water
Healthy Food

Choosing what to eat on the trail is a topic of much debate. It covers everything from nutritional requirements, weight, ease of cooking, and even alternatives for specific diets.


We are not experts but we can share what we’ve learned along the way, our favorite recipes and the energy products that have saved us on many occasions.



 Healthy Fruit Salad

The most important meal of the day should be nourishing to fuel your activities. Our top pick: cooked oatmeal!

Toast with Avocado

We prefer quick lunches like sandwiches or wraps in case we need to eat them on-the-go.

Rice with Roasted Vegetables

Your dinner will depend on whether you can cook or not. Dehydrated or pre-cooked meals are good options.

Blueberry Smoothie

Water, energy and electrolyte drinks are lifesavers on the trail. We try to avoid brands with lots of added sugar.

Granola Yogurt

Never forget to eat between meals! Trail mix is the most practical  alternative. We try to always make our own to keep it healthy.

Hard Candies_edited.jpg

We never leave without energy gels, energy beans, energy powders or energy drinks. 

The amount of food and water you need on the trail depends on many factors.


Never assume that you won’t need to carry anything. The most common accidents on the trail happen to people who are unprepared—this includes not having proper sustenance.

Be a Smart Adventurer

Not sure of how to determine what you’ll need on the trail?


The right gear will make it easier to carry your supplies. Taking a course will help you gain the basic knowledge to stay safe, nourished and hydrated on your adventures—even on day hikes! 


Check out our guides below.


We want to make room for the people who want to adventure but don’t necessarily want to take it to an extreme level.

Are you curious about starting out in outdoor activities?


Bekenyn’s blog contains raw accounts of our travels and lessons. You’ll also find some inspiration and helpful advice.

A Bite

Tried & Tested

Finding the right meals to take with you on the trail requires a lot of trial and error. We've made our fair share of mistakes but learned a lot along the way.


Go to our blog to read about our experiences with foods that didn't work and those that did.

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