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View from the Park

Bosque de Chapultepec

Running & Sightseeing

This park is like New York's Central Park or London's Hyde Park, but in Mexico City—and it's much, much bigger. While it’s mostly thought of as a tourist and cultural attraction, both for locals and foreigners, Chapultepec is a perfect introduction to some out-of-the-box running.


Its many paths offer the chance to try off-road running for the first time and practice varying inclinations. The man-made lakes are unswimmable (and gross) but a great way to practice a bit of rowing before committing to kayaking somewhere else.


Viveros de Coyoacán


Popular gravel running track in south of the city, Coyoacán borough. It’s approximately a 2 km-loop.  This is where we feel the most comfortable running but there have been a few safety issues. 


There are lots of spots for picnics and other activities—no pets are allowed. It’s located within walking distance from the center of Coyoacán. 

Bosque de Tlalpan

Hiking & Trail Running

Natural protected area in the south of the city. It's known for its gravel running track, picnic spots and bird-watching—no pets are allowed.

It has various short trails, good for training to run on hills and uneven terrain.

Unfortunately, there have been serious safety issues over the years.

Los Dinamos

Running, Hiking & Climbing

Located in the Magdalena Contreras borough, southwestern Mexico City, Los Dinamos really is a hidden gem sprawling over 2,400 hectares (5,900 acres). It’s not easy to get to without a car, but once you manage to arrive it’s like you’re in the middle of a mountainside town.


Los Dinamos has the only clean-ish river in the city! It’s divided into four sections, each one more rugged than the next. Locals go here to train for races, hike on the weekend, practice rock climbing or try slacklining. Which one will you pick?

Climbing Walls and Gyms in Mexico City

Rock Climbing Indoors

Our favorite bouldering gym in Mexico City! It’s a good size, has a small workout area, cool bathrooms and showers (sometimes cold). It’s not the cheapest but we think the extra money is worth the facilities and cleanliness. Extremely beginner-friendly routes, perfect for newbies, but they have challenging routes too.

There are a few more locations in Santa Fé and Satélite but they are quite far from us. I've been told that the one in Santa Fé is very small. The one in Satélite is pretty new and looks amazing.

Man Climbing

This place is advertised as “the highest artificial climbing wall in Latin America.” It’s built with artificial texturized rock, which makes it challenging but accessible. Go there to experience top rope climbing and feel the heights. It’s beginner-friendly, with various difficulty levels. The staff is helpful, but the organization could be improved.


This bouldering gym is big, has interesting routes and a sizable workout area. It’s the only gym we’ve seen with a dedicated “warm-up wall.” It’s beginner-friendly but we didn’t like that many holds haven’t been replaced in a while and are quite slippery. We love the café on the second level!


As a super popular gym for veterans and competitions, this gym doesn’t quite cater to beginners. It has a few “easy” routes, but not that many. It’s very crammed and a bit dirty. The upstairs workout area is OK but lacks variety of equipment and machines. We rarely go there.

Climbing Wall Extreme

This new bouldering gym is massive, like a big warehouse. We felt the padding was quite hard, so we felt a bit nervous about falling. It’s definitely not for beginners. We spoke to one of the managers and he explained that even their “easy” routes are designed to mimic real rock conditions, so they are naturally more difficult.

Female Climber

This is a bizarre climbing gym because it’s basically someone’s garage. It’s so small that they don’t have much room to make difficult routes, so it’s just holds crammed around a wall. It’s very popular and beginner-friendly, though. No workout area.


A visit is on our to-do list!


This outdoor climbing wall is strange because you access it through a private elevator in a mall. It’s has “yo-yo” belay, so no need to have a belayer. It’s not quite beginner-friendly because even their smaller wall is challenging. The routes seem to lack maintenance (holds super dirty or loose).  

Women on the Climbing Wall

A visit is on our to-do list!

A Woman Climbing a Wall

A visit is on our to-do list!






Mineral del Chico

Hiking & Trail Running

This once-mining town may be tiny but it is becoming the crowning jewel of adventure sports. Located within the El Chico National Park, it's hard to believe this mountainous forest is just a two-hours drive from Mexico City.


There are many campgrounds located near the many forest trails. We did a trail run there once, have hiked there a couple of times and we worked on our orienteering skills during our mountaineering course.

Rock Climbing

Mineral del Chico

Rock Climbing and Via Ferrata

The El Chico National Park has become a haven for rock climbing, especially bouldering. 

The nearby mountains are a popular spot for via ferrata outings and rappelling, open to anyone willing to give it a try.

As far as I know, it's pretty safe and the climbing community is thriving there. 




Las Estacas

Open Water Swimming & Triathlon

This beautiful private resort is built around a 1K river, just a couple of hours outside Mexico City.


It has many accommodation options, restaurants, pools, a bar, and a spa. It’s also a venue for many sports events throughout the year. 

It's a bit pricey but the safety, beauty and cleanliness is worth it.

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