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Anyone Can Be an Adventurer

If you are here, I’m ready to bet that you may already be one. 


  • Have you ever wondered how you can start hiking on the weekend?

  • Are you curious about running beyond a city and exploring trails?

  • Do you daydream of one day climbing a mountain?


No, you don’t have to be extremely fit, have an athletic background or be willing to take life-threatening risks. Some fit that bill, but it’s not a requirement and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. EVER!

What you need is knowledge and a touch of creativity. 

Compass & Map



Build your skill set by taking comprehensive outdoor or mountaineering courses. If you only need to refresh your memory, adventure-related books will help.

Rock Climber Powdering Hands



How much do you need to spend? It depends on what you buy and where you buy it. Find out how we’ve put together our outdoor wardrobe and adventure equipment.

Image by Gesina Kunkel



Moving and strengthening our bodies is essential. We want to share the programs and exercises that have worked for us at beginner’s and intermediate levels.

Chia Pudding



Knowing what to eat on the trail can be hard. Healthy, light and easy meals are easier to accomplish than you may think. This is what has worked for us.

Please, please, please, never venture out without taking the proper precautions.


Know where you’re going—having maps is best. Pack enough food and water. Wear the right clothes. Grab a friend and always tell someone what your plans are.

Hiking trail in forest

A Stroll in the Woods

Do you already have everything you need? Let’s start seeing the world together!


Read Bekenyn's guides and reviews of places we’ve traveled to and explored. 

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