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Adventure Is Inclusive

Climb Mountains

Go for a Day Hike

Swim in Rivers

Camp for the First Time

You Decide What Counts

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This Is Your Beckoning


The great outdoors are not reserved for a select few. This may be news to some. At Bekenyn, however, this is the law. We believe that you are an adventurer if:

  • You are ready to start walking around the block.

  • Your first multi-day trek is around the corner.

  • You are about to walk into a climbing gym for the first time.

  • Or any version in between that scares and excites you!

Bekenyn is organized as an in-depth reference guide with a dash of personal accounts. It's your very own encyclopedia about travel, outdoor activities and ideas on how to have an adventurous life.

We want to build an inclusive community where anyone will find a place. A sanctuary of sorts, where everyone belongs and thrives, no matter their budget, fitness level or background.  

By showing you how we acquired skills, put them into practice and began adventuring, we hope to inspire you to pen your own definition of adventure.


How Did Bekenyn Come to Be?

Funny you should ask.


The idea was born sometime between struggling to find reliable information about safe outdoor destinations in Mexico and daydreaming about one day climbing a mountain.


Read about who we are, what we believe in and what this website is all about.

Where to Start?


Our purpose is to get you adventuring. We believe that the more we see and explore the world, the more we'll respect and appreciate it. The more we move and care for our bodies, the better we'll live.


Sounds good, right?­

Here's how it works. We've divided our knowledge, trial, errors, and experiences (good and bad), into sections with the resources you need to start adventuring ASAP.


Go to the Skills page to find out which courses and books we used to gain outdoor skills and knowledge. 

On the Training page we share how we approach exercise, the workouts and programs by professionals that we have followed and  our results. 

Next, check out the Gear page and get ready to go shopping. We list the outdoor stores we've visited and the online stores we love. 


While we can't afford to travel all over the world, we are focusing on exploring our home (Mexico) and redefining our idea of "adventure travel." 


When we can travel abroad, we usually backpack on a budget and stay in hostels or campsites.


Our tripsnational and international include a mixture of outdoors activities, cultural experiences and, whenever possible, local knowledge. 

Get our best travel tips and dare to explore these locations with a new perspective.

Hiking in Nature

The Community Begins
with You

Have you ever felt out of place when trying something new?

Have you ever shared a wild dream with someone only to receive a long list of reasons why you shouldn’t—or worse—can’t do it?

Have you ever felt pressured to push harder even when you’re perfectly happy where you are at that moment? 

We have. Soooo many times. It's annoying, disappointing, frustrating and discouraging. But we do not let that stop us. Oh, no. 


Bekenyn wouldn’t be complete without a place to share our experiences with you. The Blog is where everything comes together. Join the conversation, share advice and discuss the many rewards and woes that are part of adventuring.

And never forget that you decide what counts as your adventure.


Mic drop!

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